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JA Stock Market Challenge

JA Stock Market Challenge curriculum cover

This program is administered by JA of Lincoln
High School
JA Capstone

Pillars of Student Success
Financial Literacy High Financial Literacy
Work Readiness Moderate Work Readiness
Entrepreneurship Minimal Entrepreneurship
Each team (4 student) receives $1 million to invest in fictitious stocks. Throughout the 60-turn trading period, news from the financial markets will challenge teams to analyze and decide what actions they should take. This event simulates of 1-2 years of the market so each 80 second turn resembles about 2 weeks of real time. The event is a hybrid of personal and institutional trading. Students work in teams, delegating roles like market analyst, portfolio manager, and asset tracker. Not only will students learn the nuances of investing and trading, they will practice important soft skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, problem-solving, and decision-making. The team with the highest return at the end of the 60 turns wins.

Prior to the event, students will receive 5 lessons from their teacher where they will learn about long-term investing, the value of investing in funds rather than direct stock purchases, and the need to plan for retirement. Students will also learn that this simulation is not entirely realistic in multiple respects and that changes have been made to make the simulation for fun and engaging. While teams can adopt whatever strategy they like, teams are rewarded for using buy and hold strategies via commissions that eat away at gains. This is pointed out in the lessons where we students are warned about “churn”.

Alignment with State and National Standards

Common Core Standards

For those states that follow common core standards, Junior Achievement’s curricula have been reviewed for alignment with these standards! Learn more by selecting the appropriate grade level below.

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Scope and Sequence

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Request a Presenter to Teach Curriculum

A Junior Achievement Volunteer teaches students
Junior Achievement lessons are delivered by volunteers from the community. These presenters are prepared by JA to facilitate engaging learning activities that focus on financial literacy, work and career readiness, and entrepreneurship. This results in an enriched learning experience that helps students make the connection between what they learn in school and the world outside the classroom.

Steps to Request a Presenter

Steps to Request a Presenter

1) Request Info

Once you’ve decided to have a JA volunteer in your classroom, fill out the form on this website. You will receive information on next steps.

2) Pick Schedule

You will be able to coordinate a schedule that works for your class either online or in conjunction with a JA representative.

3) Meet Presenter

Once a volunteer is identified for your class, JA will connect you with the presenter to discuss roles, expectations, and logistics.

4) Empower Students with Standards-Based Education

After all details are in place, the JA volunteer will deliver lessons to your students either virtually or in-person.

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